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Arctic Fox, Sparks, Splat and more!

We are often asked why we don’t sell Arctic Fox or Sparks or numerous other brands.  Below is a list of information we have on each of these brands and why we currently do not or cannot stock them in the Beeunique Shop.


Arctic Fox
We are asked about Arctic Fox a lot but unfortuantely these dyes are not yet EU compliant so we cannot stock them.  This means that one or more of the ingredients is currently on the European Union banned ingredients list so they are not allowed to be sold in the UK or EU.  Arctic Fox say they are working on EU compliant dyes and we are in regular contact with them to find out when this will come into effect.  When it does, if the price is good then Arctic Fox is a brand we would love to stock on Beeunique.

We have contacted Sparks a few times over the years and have had the reply that they only allow their products to be sold to professional hair stylists i.e. to hairdressers etc and not to people who wish to retail them.  Unless Sparks change this policy we will not be able to stock this brand.

Lunar Tides
Like Arctic Fox the ingredients in these dyes are not EU compliant and cannot be stocked or sold in the UK or EU at this time. They are hoping to amend their ingredients to be EU compliant soon.

Unfortunately Lime Crime are not looking for any distributors for their dyes at this time.

Again, like Artic Fox, the ingredients in these dyes are not all EU compliant and cannot be stocked or sold in the UK or EU at this time. They are hoping to amend their ingredients to be EU compliant soon.

We have contacted Affinage and are currently waiting on a reply reagrding possibly stocking this brand. They do say on their website that they sell to Professional outlets like Hair salons only, so they may not allow it to be sold on a retail website.  We will update when we know more.

Like Arctic Fox the ingredients in these dyes are not EU compliant and cannot be stocked or sold in the UK or EU at this time. We do not know if they are working towards an EU compliant version but will update on here when we know more.

Again, like Artic Fox, the ingredients in these dyes are not EU compliant and cannot be stocked or sold in the UK or EU at this time. They are hoping to amend their ingredients to be EU compliant soon.

Pulp Riot (Added to blog May 2019)
There has been a lot of talk in the hair dye community about this dye coming to the UK this month – yes, this is true however it is not for general retail sale.  Pulp Riot have marked their product as For Salon Use only and therefore retailers cannot legally buy it to sell in shops or online. Only hairdressers and trained professionals can purchase and use this product.


This information on this blog is correct as of May 2019 and we will update this page as and when we receive new information from the manufacturers.


How can you help?
With all the brands like Arctic Fox who are unable to be sold due to non EU compliance then you can contact them direct regarding this.  The more customers in the EU who contact them, the more demand they see, then hopefully the quicker they will impliment these changes.  Please contact these brands direct through their website or Social Media pages if you would like to see them EU compliant.

At this time we DO sell Special Effects, Manic Panic, Directions, Crazy Color, Adore, Pravana, Stargazer, Via Natural, Hermans and Rebellious Hair Dyes on the Beeunique website


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UPDATE AUG 27th – ALL colours apart from Limelight and BAF Yellow are now being made and will be in stock in approx 2 weeks.

Its’s taken months but we finally have some update on Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery!
They are now shipping 13 colours from their range with a promise that another 9 will be available next month!

As most of you know the special effects hair dye delivery has been erratic since their premises move back in 2016, but now they are finally producing some more of their great colours.  These additonal shades will be in stock next month!


Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery – due in approx 2 weeks:
Available colours are: Joyride, Napalm Orange, Wildflower, Blue Mayhem, Cherry Bomb, Atomic Pink, Electric Blue, Nuclear Red, Deep Purple, Blood Red, Virgin Rose, Pimpin Purple & Cupcake Pink.

Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery – due in approx 4 weeks:
Soon available colours: Fish Bowl, Candy Apple Red, Iguana Green, Burgundy Wine, Hot Lava, Sonic Green, Devilish, Hi-Octane Orange & Toner/Mixer
– we will update on a delivery date once we receive confirmation they have been shipped.


As with ALL products on Beeunique you can sign up for a ‘Back In Stock’ notification and you will be emailed as soon as the product is back in stock.  We are against all types of spam so your email will only be used for this one notification and then discarded.


Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover is a new product added in June 2018.

This is an easy and gently way to remove dye from your hair and bring it back to your pre-dyed blonde shade.

Pack is a 45g powder kit you can mix with your required volume of developer and leave on the hair for upto 30 minutes to remove the old dye.  Perfect for when you fancy a big change or simply want to go back to your pre-dyed colour for a while.

Instructions for use:
1. Use a non-metallic bowl to mix the full sachet of Crazy Color Back To Base with developer – you can use 5, 10 or 20 volumer depending on your needs and hair condition.
2. Section non-dyed hair as required
3. Apply the mix ONLY to the areas that have been dyed – allow to process at room temperature for upto 30 minutes, checking every 5 minutes
4. Rinse, shampoo and condition as normal.

crazy color back to base instructions

This product is on the Beeunique website now and will be in stock in a couple of days – Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover

Crazy Color Neon UV Hair Dyes

Crazy Color Neon UV Hair Dyes new for June 2018.

Crazy Color keep bringing out more and more gorgeous shades and have done it again!

Four beautiful neon shades, Anarchy UV, Caution UV, Rebel UV & Toxic UV

All these hair dyes are UV reactive which means they glow under blacklight (UV light)

These are all on the Beeunique website now – Crazy Color UV Hair Dyes


Crazy Color Anarchy UV Hair Dye
Crazy Color Caution UV Hair Dye
Crazy Color Rebel UV Hair Dye
Crazy Color Toxic UV Hair Dye






Manic Panic Colour Changes

There have been a few manic panic colour changes this month.

They have added a brand new shade called Amethyst Ashes which is a light silvery-lilac colour. This new shade is in stock and can be purchased on Beeunique now – Manic Panic Amethyst Ashes


Amethyst Ashes Manic Panic


Unfortunately there are a few other manic panic colour changes as they have discontinued the following shades from their range – Voodoo Blue, Green Envy, New Rose & Fleur Du Mal

These are still in stock just now and can be purchased here: Manic Panic Hair Dye


Pravana Crystals New Hair Dyes

Pravana Vivids Crystals are a brand new range of hair dye colours inspired by the healing power of crystals.

These beautiful shades of colours are:

pravana crystals, aquamarine
Pravana Crystals
pravana crystals, garnet
Pravana Crystals
pravana crystals, jade
Pravana Crystals
pravana crystals, purple tourmaline
Pravana Crystals
Purple Tourmaline
pravana crystals, rose quartz
Pravana Crystals
Rose Quartz
pravana crystals, sunstone
Pravana Crystals

Pravana Vivids Crystals

Pravana have recreated the dimensional, prismatic qualities of actual crystals.  Users can now achieve a multi-tonal hair dye result with just one tube of Pravana Vivids Crystals dye.

Many celebrities and members of the public have been mixing and creating their own ‘crystal’shades and it was only a matter of time before this hugely popular trend was noticed by a leading hair dye manufacturer such as Pravana.

Customers can buy these hair dyes in our online shop:

Crystal Meanings

A brief summary of the crystal healing properties/benefits for these hair dye shades/stones can be seen below:

Aquamarine – Inner Peace, Self-Expression, Creativity
Garnet – Passion, Energy, Health
Jade – Protection, Fortune, Self-Discovery
Sunstone – Power, Strength, Confidence
Rose Quartz – Love, Happiness, Balance
Purple Tourmaline – Spirituality, Intuition, Peace




Hermans New Shades

Hermans New Shades are six divine colours – Scarlett, Miley, Hailey, Maggie, Tara & Stella.  They have also reintroduced Felicia Fire

Al of the Hermans new shades are in stock on Beeunique – Herman’s Hair Dyes

All of Hermans Hair Dye Colours are 100% vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

Crazy Color Metallics

Crazy Color have introduced 4 new shades called the Crazy Color Metallics …

The new shades are Rose Gold, Slate & Ice Mauve

Below are our swatches of the Crazy Color Metallics hair dyes – note, these are based on information from Crazy Color and will be updated  if needed when we have more photos of actual results.

Slate Metallic
Sapphire Crazy Color Hair Dye
Sapphire Metallic
Rose Gold Metallic
Ice Mauve Metallic


There are now 36 colours in the Crazy Color  range including these 4 Crazy Color Metalllics.  Everything from neon blue to in your face yellow and even a basic black!

You can purchase these dyes on Beeunique now – Crazy Color Metallics

Pravana Precious Metals

There are 3 gorgeous new colours in the Pravana hair dye range… The Pravana Precious Metals collection.

Moody Blue, Rose Gold & Smoky Silver

Pravana Moody BluePravana Smokey SilverPravana Rose Gold
Pravana Moody Blue Hair DyePravana Smoky Silver Hair DyePravana Rose Gold Hair Dye


These are in stock on the Beeunique website

Pastel Hair Dye

Pastel Hair Dye has seen a massive increase in sales recently due to the Pastel Hair Trend. Gone are the days when a ‘blue-rinse’ or pale pink hair was reserved for older ladies, and usually caused accidentally by over-toning!


First thing to know is you must have very pale hair if you want a light colour to show up.  Using a pale lilac on medium brown hair for example is not going to give you the desired pastel result. Pastel shades are best used on hair that is naturally light or has been bleached to a pale lemon colour, think the flesh colour of a banana. The more yellow or orange tones you leave in your hair the more it will affect the final hair dye result.

Make sure you always try a strand test first! The colour of the dye in the tub or bottle is not always the shade you will achieve, it’s much better to test the dye results first.  If you find the colour is too dark, mix in some lighter shade (or a little conditioner) to lighten it up.  Alternatively, if the colour is too light, mix in a darker shade until you create the colour you are looking for. When mixing colours always add a little of the dye at a time and mix well, also make sure to mix enough of this customised colour as you will be very unlikely to create the exact same shade again – it’s always just a little off and that can be very noticeable with lighter shades.

Pastel hair shades tend to fade much faster than darker more intense colours so keep in mind that you will need to reapply dye more often than with a straight forward bright colour like neon pink or deep purple. There are ways to minimise the fade of pastel shades and these range from adding a little dye to your conditioner so you top up the dye when you wash your hair, use a sulphate-free shampoo and where possible don’t wash your hair too often. Dry shampoo can be your best friend when trying to prolong your hair dye colour.


Hair Dye, Bleach & Beeunique

Beeunique is an online website that sells Alternative Hair Dyes, bleaching kits and dye accessories.  We have been trading online since 2005 and have thousands of customers worldwide.  We currently sell 10 brands of hair dye including Special Effects, Manic Panic, Pravana, Directions, Crazy Color, Adore, Herman’s and many more.  You can view the dye by Brand, by Colour or even by which dyes are UV Reactive (glow under black light).

Hair Dye Brands

Through this blog we will publish articles on hair dyeing, bleaching, tips on how to prolong your dye as well as how to remove dye quicker.  We will update about new products and brands we will be bringing to the website, including a couple more hair dye brands. It will also show when products are coming back into stock, information on ingredient changes and/or changes in the colour results. Thankfully colour changes are rare but we like to keep our customers informed.

Our Hair Dye Gallery has over 5000 alternative hair dye photos.  It is currently being updated so keep an eye out for the new improved website coming soon.  We also have a Hair Dye Forum which has thousands of helpful members.  The forum covers a variety of dyeing, bleaching and general ‘what colour is this’ kind of posts.

Beeunique is a family run business.  We believe in good prices, a broad range of products and great customer service!
There is a flat-rate postage charge for UK orders, no matter how many products you buy. We ship worldwide and have regular customers as far afield as Australia, Israel & Japan.