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Special Effects are Closing

Yes, sadly the rumours are true, Special Effects are closing!
We found this out late last week but wanted to know more before posting and causing a hair dye stampede.

Why Special Effects are closing:

Special Effects want to make it clear that they are chosing to close at this time and it ‘may’ not be forever.  They moved premises a couple of years ago and this caused a huge backlog in dye production which they were still playing catchup with.  Their new premises are now being sold which means another move and they simply cannot deal with yet another move and keep up with making their hair dye so decided to close while they decide what to do in the future.  I would like to stress that if they do decide to open up again then it will be at least a year or more as they would need to find new premises, set it up and then stock-up on colours.  They have us on their contact list and have assured me they will call when or if they know anymore, but for the time being they are definitely closed.

What Colours are still available?

Another reason for our delay in posting this was to find out what colours they can still ship and we are pleased to say we have an order for over £20,000 placed with them.  This new order should arrive within 2-3 weeks and will include the following colours: Blood Red, Blue Haired Freak, Blue Mayhem, Burgundy Wine, Candy Apple Red, Cherry Bomb, Cupcake Pink, Deep Purple, Devilish, Fish Bowl, Hi-Octange Orange, Hot Lava, Iguana Green, Joyride, Nuclear Red, Purple Smoke, Sonic Green, Wildflower & Toner.

They have none of their other colours in stock and wont be making them again before they close.

You can buy the available dyes or sign up for a ‘back in stock’ email notification in our Special Effects Hair Dye category



Arctic Fox, Sparks, Splat and more!

We are often asked why we don’t sell Arctic Fox or Sparks or numerous other brands.  Below is a list of information we have on each of these brands and why we currently do not or cannot stock them in the Beeunique Shop.


Arctic Fox
We are asked about Arctic Fox a lot but unfortuantely these dyes are not yet EU compliant so we cannot stock them.  This means that one or more of the ingredients is currently on the European Union banned ingredients list so they are not allowed to be sold in the UK or EU.  Arctic Fox say they are working on EU compliant dyes and we are in regular contact with them to find out when this will come into effect.  When it does, if the price is good then Arctic Fox is a brand we would love to stock on Beeunique.

We have contacted Sparks a few times over the years and have had the reply that they only allow their products to be sold to professional hair stylists i.e. to hairdressers etc and not to people who wish to retail them.  Unless Sparks change this policy we will not be able to stock this brand.

Lunar Tides
Like Arctic Fox the ingredients in these dyes are not EU compliant and cannot be stocked or sold in the UK or EU at this time. They are hoping to amend their ingredients to be EU compliant soon.

Unfortunately Lime Crime are not looking for any distributors for their dyes at this time.

Again, like Artic Fox, the ingredients in these dyes are not all EU compliant and cannot be stocked or sold in the UK or EU at this time. They are hoping to amend their ingredients to be EU compliant soon.

We have contacted Affinage and are currently waiting on a reply reagrding possibly stocking this brand. They do say on their website that they sell to Professional outlets like Hair salons only, so they may not allow it to be sold on a retail website.  We will update when we know more.

Like Arctic Fox the ingredients in these dyes are not EU compliant and cannot be stocked or sold in the UK or EU at this time. We do not know if they are working towards an EU compliant version but will update on here when we know more.

Again, like Artic Fox, the ingredients in these dyes are not EU compliant and cannot be stocked or sold in the UK or EU at this time. They are hoping to amend their ingredients to be EU compliant soon.

Pulp Riot (Added to blog May 2019)
There has been a lot of talk in the hair dye community about this dye coming to the UK this month – yes, this is true however it is not for general retail sale.  Pulp Riot have marked their product as For Salon Use only and therefore retailers cannot legally buy it to sell in shops or online. Only hairdressers and trained professionals can purchase and use this product.


This information on this blog is correct as of May 2019 and we will update this page as and when we receive new information from the manufacturers.


How can you help?
With all the brands like Arctic Fox who are unable to be sold due to non EU compliance then you can contact them direct regarding this.  The more customers in the EU who contact them, the more demand they see, then hopefully the quicker they will impliment these changes.  Please contact these brands direct through their website or Social Media pages if you would like to see them EU compliant.

At this time we DO sell Special Effects, Manic Panic, Directions, Crazy Color, Adore, Pravana, Stargazer, Via Natural, Hermans and Rebellious Hair Dyes on the Beeunique website


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Hair Dye Gallery

The Hair Dye Gallery has had a complete overhaul and is now ready to view.

There are over 5000 photos with more to be added over the coming weeks.  You can now view much larger, clearer images as well as viewing photos by Style, Colour or Brand.  You can view all photos from one person together and can even have your own page created showing your personal hair dye journey.

The new Hair Dye Gallery also has a blog where you can reply to posts and ask questions.  It has a review section also so you can see all products reviews in one place.


Hair Dye Gallery logo


The Beeunique website will continue running as normal and is still the place to buy your alternative hair dyes.  The Hair Dye Gallery will run along side this to show real photos submitted by users of these hair dyes.  To add your photo to the Hair Dye Gallery we have an easy to use Add Your Photo form where you can upload the photos direct to us.


The new Gallery has a helpful FAQ section with the most asked questions on there from where do you get your photos to how can I help promote you.


If you have any questions regarding an order or your Beeunique account you should still use this website to Contact Us

It’s been hard work and a massive learning curve but I hope you like the final result 🙂

Nickki x

Animal Friendly Hair Dyes

One of the most asked questions we get is “Are these animal friendly hair dyes?”
[Updated August 2018]

Below is the information we have regarding if these are are vegan and/or animal friendly hair dyes.  This has been provided by the supplier or manufacturer of that brand and is correct at the time it was provided.  We regularly check this information is still current.

We would advise you to always check direct with the manufacturer, on ingredients lists etc to be sure the information is up-to-date before using a product.

Our Logos Explained.
Note, these may not be the same for all websites, but is how we have categorised our list below.

Animal Friendly – If a hair dye is animal friendly it means the product has no animal products in it’s ingredients BUT it can still contain animal by-products (e.g. honey) or be tested on animals.
animal friendly hair dyes logo

Cruelty Free – If a hair dye is cruelty free it means the product has not been tested on animals BUT can contain animal products or by-products.
animal friendly hair dyes - not tested on animals

Vegan Friendly – If a hair dye is vegan friendly it means the product contains no animal ingredients or animal by-products BUT can still be tested on animals.
animal friendly hair dyes - vegan friendly

Fully animal friendly hair dyes should be Cruelty-Free (no testing on animals) and Vegan Friendly (no animal products or by-products).

We have contacted all our Suppliers today to confirm if this information is still correct. This page will be updated as and when we receive new information regarding if these are still animal friendly hair dyes.

The current information we have is below:

 Animal FriendlyCruelty-FreeVegan Friendly
Manic Panic Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
LaRiche Directions Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Adore Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoTheir newest batches are Vegan Friendly but they are still selling some old stock too.
Renbow Crazy Color Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Special Effects Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Herman's Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Pravana Chromasilk Hair DyesAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Via Natural Hair Dyes

Awaiting informationAwaiting informationAwaiting
Stargazer Hair DyesAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
PaintGlow Rebellious Hair DyesAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoNot 100% vegan friendly at this time

All of these hair dyes can be purchased in Beeunique’s Shop


Disclaimer: The information on these animal friendly hair dyes is based on details provided from the suppliers and/or manufacturers however we cannot guarantee it’s accuracy.  This should be considered as a guide only and you should investigate further before using any brand.

If you find anything incorrect on this page please let us know and we will amend it immediately.

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UPDATE AUG 27th – ALL colours apart from Limelight and BAF Yellow are now being made and will be in stock in approx 2 weeks.

Its’s taken months but we finally have some update on Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery!
They are now shipping 13 colours from their range with a promise that another 9 will be available next month!

As most of you know the special effects hair dye delivery has been erratic since their premises move back in 2016, but now they are finally producing some more of their great colours.  These additonal shades will be in stock next month!


Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery – due in approx 2 weeks:
Available colours are: Joyride, Napalm Orange, Wildflower, Blue Mayhem, Cherry Bomb, Atomic Pink, Electric Blue, Nuclear Red, Deep Purple, Blood Red, Virgin Rose, Pimpin Purple & Cupcake Pink.

Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery – due in approx 4 weeks:
Soon available colours: Fish Bowl, Candy Apple Red, Iguana Green, Burgundy Wine, Hot Lava, Sonic Green, Devilish, Hi-Octane Orange & Toner/Mixer
– we will update on a delivery date once we receive confirmation they have been shipped.


As with ALL products on Beeunique you can sign up for a ‘Back In Stock’ notification and you will be emailed as soon as the product is back in stock.  We are against all types of spam so your email will only be used for this one notification and then discarded.


Hair Dye, Bleach & Beeunique

Beeunique is an online website that sells Alternative Hair Dyes, bleaching kits and dye accessories.  We have been trading online since 2005 and have thousands of customers worldwide.  We currently sell 10 brands of hair dye including Special Effects, Manic Panic, Pravana, Directions, Crazy Color, Adore, Herman’s and many more.  You can view the dye by Brand, by Colour or even by which dyes are UV Reactive (glow under black light).

Hair Dye Brands

Through this blog we will publish articles on hair dyeing, bleaching, tips on how to prolong your dye as well as how to remove dye quicker.  We will update about new products and brands we will be bringing to the website, including a couple more hair dye brands. It will also show when products are coming back into stock, information on ingredient changes and/or changes in the colour results. Thankfully colour changes are rare but we like to keep our customers informed.

Our Hair Dye Gallery has over 5000 alternative hair dye photos.  It is currently being updated so keep an eye out for the new improved website coming soon.  We also have a Hair Dye Forum which has thousands of helpful members.  The forum covers a variety of dyeing, bleaching and general ‘what colour is this’ kind of posts.

Beeunique is a family run business.  We believe in good prices, a broad range of products and great customer service!
There is a flat-rate postage charge for UK orders, no matter how many products you buy. We ship worldwide and have regular customers as far afield as Australia, Israel & Japan.