Adore New Hair Dyes Added

Adore New Hair Dyes Added

Adore new hair dyes for 2020 are:

Cosmic Yellow
Adore Cosmic Yellow Hair Dye

Green Apple

Adore Green Apple Hair Dye

Luxe Blue
Adore Luxe Blue Hair Dye

Mystic Gray
Adore Mystic Gray Hair Dye

Ocean Blue
Adore Ocean Blue Hair Dye

Powder Blue
Adore Powder Blue Hair Dye

Purple Black
Adore Purple Black Hair Dye

Sapphire Blue
Adore Sapphire Blue Hair Dye

Adore New Hair Dyes – All bottles

Adore New Hair Dyes


These are all in stock on the main Beeunique website and you can purchase these and all other Adore Semi Permanent Hair Dyes here.

These new shades are all vegan friendly with no animal testing or ingredients used.

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