Category: Discontinued Products

Adore have discontinued a few of their colours over the past 6 months or so.  Below is a list of the shades they are no longer making:
Hot Pink / Rich Fuschia / Dark Chocolate / Medium Brown / Pink Fire

There are still 56 shades in the Adore range and you can see them here Adore Hair Dye


There have been a few manic panic colour changes this month.

They have added a brand new shade called Amethyst Ashes which is a light silvery-lilac colour. This new shade is in stock and can be purchased on Beeunique now – Manic Panic Amethyst Ashes


Amethyst Ashes Manic Panic


Unfortunately there are a few other manic panic colour changes as they have discontinued the following shades from their range – Voodoo Blue, Green Envy, New Rose & Fleur Du Mal

These are still in stock just now and can be purchased here: Manic Panic Hair Dye