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Crazy Color Anti Bleed Spray

Crazy Color Anti Bleed Spray is a new product to their hair care range. Fully Vegan & Cruelty Free

Bottes are 250ml
Locks in colour for upto 10 extra washes
Ultra low PH
No salt or sulphate
Soya bean oil enhances hair shine
Works in just 60 seconds
Doubles as a leave in conditioning treatment

After dyeing your hair, simply rinse with cool water then apply the Anti Bleed Spray to wet hair.  Let it sit for one minute and then rinse to reduce/stop colour bleeding.  Low PH.


Another new product recently added is the Colour Extend Shampoo.  Bottles are 250ml.
Crazy Color Colour Extend Shampoo


You can view more information or purchase products here – Crazy Color Anti Bleed Spray & Crazy Color Extend Shampoo

Crazy Color Power is a new way to create your own hair dye shades.

It’s easy – you choose a base from Crazy Color New HoldUp Shampoo, Crazy Color Rainbow Conditioner or Crazy Color Neutral/Mixer.  Next choose one or more of the concentrated pigments – red, yellow, blue, purple or pink.  Add 1 pump of pigment to 20ml of shampoo or conditioner, mix well and apply!

Crazy Color Hype - The Bases

For pastel shades you can use less pigment or you can add more than one pigment e.g. red and yellow to start creating orange shades.  The possibilities are endless, you can even create several hues of the same colour by varying the amount of pigment used!

Both the HoldUp Shampoo and Rainbow Conditioner come in 250ml bottles while the pigments are a handy sized 50ml, but you only need 1 pump of pigment in 20ml of shampoo or conditioner to create your own hair dye!

Whilst we at Beeunique love hair in neon shades and styles, not all wokplaces do, so Crazy Color Power is ideal for weekends and holidays as they last around 3-5 washes.  Ideal to show of your wild side at the weekend or for nights out before going back to the normality of the 9 to 5!

There are other ways to use the pigments such as creating your own colour spray or mixing with your mousse or wax, and you can see more information on this on our All About Crazy Color Power faq page

You can use these to create new dyes or for topping up existing colours and as with all semi-permanent hair dyes, these will work best on prelightened hair.

These are salt and sulfate free as well as vegan friendly & cruelty free

These will be in stock in approx 1 week on our website, and as always you can sign up for an ‘in stock’ notification to be emailed as soon as these arrive …Crazy Color Power on Beeunique website.

This product was previously called Crazy Color HYPE – bottles may show the original ‘hype’ or new ‘power’ logo but they are the same product

Crazy Color Sale…

Until the end of April 2019 we are selling all Crazy Color Hair Dyes with 20% off!

Try a new shade or brand or stock up on your favourite colour…

This offer cannot be used with any other discount.
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Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover is a new product added in June 2018.

This is an easy and gently way to remove dye from your hair and bring it back to your pre-dyed blonde shade.

Pack is a 45g powder kit you can mix with your required volume of developer and leave on the hair for upto 30 minutes to remove the old dye.  Perfect for when you fancy a big change or simply want to go back to your pre-dyed colour for a while.

Instructions for use:
1. Use a non-metallic bowl to mix the full sachet of Crazy Color Back To Base with developer – you can use 5, 10 or 20 volumer depending on your needs and hair condition.
2. Section non-dyed hair as required
3. Apply the mix ONLY to the areas that have been dyed – allow to process at room temperature for upto 30 minutes, checking every 5 minutes
4. Rinse, shampoo and condition as normal.

crazy color back to base instructions

This product is on the Beeunique website now and will be in stock in a couple of days – Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover

Crazy Color Neon UV Hair Dyes

Crazy Color Neon UV Hair Dyes new for June 2018.

Crazy Color keep bringing out more and more gorgeous shades and have done it again!

Four beautiful neon shades, Anarchy UV, Caution UV, Rebel UV & Toxic UV

All these hair dyes are UV reactive which means they glow under blacklight (UV light)

These are all on the Beeunique website now – Crazy Color UV Hair Dyes


Crazy Color Anarchy UV Hair Dye
Crazy Color Caution UV Hair Dye
Crazy Color Rebel UV Hair Dye
Crazy Color Toxic UV Hair Dye






Crazy Color Metallics

Crazy Color have introduced 4 new shades called the Crazy Color Metallics …

The new shades are Rose Gold, Slate & Ice Mauve

Below are our swatches of the Crazy Color Metallics hair dyes – note, these are based on information from Crazy Color and will be updated  if needed when we have more photos of actual results.

Slate Metallic
Sapphire Crazy Color Hair Dye
Sapphire Metallic
Rose Gold Metallic
Ice Mauve Metallic


There are now 36 colours in the Crazy Color  range including these 4 Crazy Color Metalllics.  Everything from neon blue to in your face yellow and even a basic black!

You can purchase these dyes on Beeunique now – Crazy Color Metallics