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Pravana Locked In Discontinued

Pravana have discontinued a the Locked In range of their hair dyes.

We are out of stock of Locked In Blue & Locked In Purple, but all other shades are still in stock – Pravana Locked In.  If this is a favourite of yours, grab it while you can as these are no longer in stock with the manufacturer.

There are still 34 shades in the Pravana range including the newly in stock Crystals colours and you can see them here Pravana Hair Dye

Pravana Crystals New Hair Dyes

Pravana Vivids Crystals are a brand new range of hair dye colours inspired by the healing power of crystals.

These beautiful shades of colours are:

pravana crystals, aquamarine
Pravana Crystals
pravana crystals, garnet
Pravana Crystals
pravana crystals, jade
Pravana Crystals
pravana crystals, purple tourmaline
Pravana Crystals
Purple Tourmaline
pravana crystals, rose quartz
Pravana Crystals
Rose Quartz
pravana crystals, sunstone
Pravana Crystals

Pravana Vivids Crystals

Pravana have recreated the dimensional, prismatic qualities of actual crystals.  Users can now achieve a multi-tonal hair dye result with just one tube of Pravana Vivids Crystals dye.

Many celebrities and members of the public have been mixing and creating their own ‘crystal’shades and it was only a matter of time before this hugely popular trend was noticed by a leading hair dye manufacturer such as Pravana.

Customers can buy these hair dyes in our online shop:

Crystal Meanings

A brief summary of the crystal healing properties/benefits for these hair dye shades/stones can be seen below:

Aquamarine – Inner Peace, Self-Expression, Creativity
Garnet – Passion, Energy, Health
Jade – Protection, Fortune, Self-Discovery
Sunstone – Power, Strength, Confidence
Rose Quartz – Love, Happiness, Balance
Purple Tourmaline – Spirituality, Intuition, Peace




Pravana Precious Metals

There are 3 gorgeous new colours in the Pravana hair dye range… The Pravana Precious Metals collection.

Moody Blue, Rose Gold & Smoky Silver

Pravana Moody BluePravana Smokey SilverPravana Rose Gold
Pravana Moody Blue Hair DyePravana Smoky Silver Hair DyePravana Rose Gold Hair Dye


These are in stock on the Beeunique website