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Manic Panic Mini Hair Dyes have now been added to the Beeunique website.  These are very handy if you wish to try out a new colour or brand before buying the larger 118ml pots.

We are always being asked for testers of the dyes we sell but are unable to do this.  The cost involved in buying smaller containers, adding all the relevant safety and ingredient information would be too high. Not to mention the question of copyright belonging to the manufacturer!  We are therefore very pleased that Manic Panic have taken the lead and created these mini/tester hair dye tubes.  Hopefully more hair dye manufacturers will copy this fantastic idea.

Manic Panic Mini Tester Hair Dyes are only 25ml so ideal for smaller areas of hair e.g. streaks or as part of a rainbow.  As with all Manic Panic products you can mix them with mixer/toner to create a more pastel shade, or mix colours together to create unique new shades.

These mini dyes are on order now and should be in stock by the end of the week (3rd April).  You can purchase them here – Manic Panic Mini Hair Dyes

Manic Panic Amplified Colours

Manic Panic Amplified colours are being changed to ensure they fully comply with EU regulations on hair dye ingredients.  Due to this several Manic Panic Amplified colours are out of stock with no due date being given at this time.

Several Manic Panic Amplified shades have already been changed to EU formula – these can be purchased as normal on our website – Manic Panic Hair Dyes

As always you can sign up for a ‘back in stock’ notification on our website.  You will then be emailed as soon as these Manic Panic Amplified colours are back in stock.

Manic Panic have discontinued a few more of their colours, below is a list of the shades they are no longer making: Amethyst Ashes / Electric Lava / Inferno Red / Red Passion Hot Pink

We are out of stock of all of these colours apart from Red Passion (now out of stock).  If this is a favourite of yours, grab it while you can as these are no longer in stock with the manufacturer.

On our Manic Panic post at the end of last year we also noted the following Manic Panic discontinued colours:
Voodoo Blue / Green Envy / New Rose / Fleur Du Mal

There are still 46 shades in the Manic Panic range and you can see them here Manic Panic Hair Dye

Silver Stiletto is a beautiful new shade from Manic Panic.  It is a soft silvery-grey shade which can also be used towards neutralising brassy tones in bleached hair. Stiletto Silver has been added to our website on 2nd April 2019 and will be in stock very soon.  As with all of our products you can sign up for a back in stock notification for this colour and you will be emailed as soon as it has arrived at Beeunique.


Manic Panic Colour Changes

There have been a few manic panic colour changes this month.

They have added a brand new shade called Amethyst Ashes which is a light silvery-lilac colour. This new shade is in stock and can be purchased on Beeunique now – Manic Panic Amethyst Ashes


Amethyst Ashes Manic Panic


Unfortunately there are a few other manic panic colour changes as they have discontinued the following shades from their range – Voodoo Blue, Green Envy, New Rose & Fleur Du Mal

These are still in stock just now and can be purchased here: Manic Panic Hair Dye