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Special Effects are Closing

Yes, sadly the rumours are true, Special Effects are closing!
We found this out late last week but wanted to know more before posting and causing a hair dye stampede.

Why Special Effects are closing:

Special Effects want to make it clear that they are chosing to close at this time and it ‘may’ not be forever.  They moved premises a couple of years ago and this caused a huge backlog in dye production which they were still playing catchup with.  Their new premises are now being sold which means another move and they simply cannot deal with yet another move and keep up with making their hair dye so decided to close while they decide what to do in the future.  I would like to stress that if they do decide to open up again then it will be at least a year or more as they would need to find new premises, set it up and then stock-up on colours.  They have us on their contact list and have assured me they will call when or if they know anymore, but for the time being they are definitely closed.

What Colours are still available?

Another reason for our delay in posting this was to find out what colours they can still ship and we are pleased to say we have an order for over £20,000 placed with them.  This new order should arrive within 2-3 weeks and will include the following colours: Blood Red, Blue Haired Freak, Blue Mayhem, Burgundy Wine, Candy Apple Red, Cherry Bomb, Cupcake Pink, Deep Purple, Devilish, Fish Bowl, Hi-Octange Orange, Hot Lava, Iguana Green, Joyride, Nuclear Red, Purple Smoke, Sonic Green, Wildflower & Toner.

They have none of their other colours in stock and wont be making them again before they close.

You can buy the available dyes or sign up for a ‘back in stock’ email notification in our Special Effects Hair Dye category



UPDATE AUG 27th – ALL colours apart from Limelight and BAF Yellow are now being made and will be in stock in approx 2 weeks.

Its’s taken months but we finally have some update on Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery!
They are now shipping 13 colours from their range with a promise that another 9 will be available next month!

As most of you know the special effects hair dye delivery has been erratic since their premises move back in 2016, but now they are finally producing some more of their great colours.  These additonal shades will be in stock next month!


Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery – due in approx 2 weeks:
Available colours are: Joyride, Napalm Orange, Wildflower, Blue Mayhem, Cherry Bomb, Atomic Pink, Electric Blue, Nuclear Red, Deep Purple, Blood Red, Virgin Rose, Pimpin Purple & Cupcake Pink.

Special Effects Hair Dye Delivery – due in approx 4 weeks:
Soon available colours: Fish Bowl, Candy Apple Red, Iguana Green, Burgundy Wine, Hot Lava, Sonic Green, Devilish, Hi-Octane Orange & Toner/Mixer
– we will update on a delivery date once we receive confirmation they have been shipped.


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