Category: FunkyEars/Jewellery

FunkyEars Jewellery has been available on the Beeunique website for a few years but i’ve not had the time to add new items until now.  These are just a small example of the rare and unusual items you can purchase on the Beeunique website.


You can see these new items and full range under the Jewellery section on Beeunique

Alcohol Jewellery is a new addition to Beeunique’s FunkEars range.  We had a few wine bottles etc previously but these new products are resin copies of well known brands.  From Absolut Vodka to Jack Daniels and Baileys!

You can view the new products in the food & drink section under jewellery.

More jewellery items will be added over the next few weeks but don’t worry, Hair Dye will still remain our number one product.  This is just a little side-line I enjoy.