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Semi Permanent Hair Dyes

Semi Permanent Hair Dyes – what are they?

We are often asked if the semi permanent dyes we sell are ‘vegetable dyes’ or if we sell permanent hair dyes.  The short answer to both is no, at present we only sell semi-permanent dyes.  The three main types of hair dye are Vegetable, Semi-Permanent & Permanent and a brief description of each of these can be seen below:


Semi Permanent Hair Dyes:

This is the type of dye currently available on the Beeunique website.  These do not permanently change the hair colour but rather coat the hair shaft and temporary change the overall shade.  Semi-Permanent Dyes are often called ‘veggie’ dyes in relation to most of them being vegan friendly which could explain why many people confuse them with vegetable dyes which are in fact made from plants.

These type of dyes do not need mixed with anything, can be used straight away and contain no ammonia.  If you do not have light coloured hair or do not wish to bleach your hair you can still use these dyes but the results will not be as vibrant so best trying a strand test first.  Some of the deeper/darker hair colours may show up on unbleached hair but it is unlikely to be as vibrant as on lighter hair colours, and may only given a sheen of colour. We have a section in the Hair Dye Gallery showing how the colours can look on Unbleached Hair

Semi Permanent dyes can last anywhere from 1 wash to several months, it all depends on the brand, the colour being used as well as the porosity of your hair.  The following pages can help you further with how long each brand tends to last and how to get the best results from your dye – Hair Dye FAQ and Hair Dye Tips


Vegetable Hair Dyes:

Vegetable hair dyes are made with plants such as Henna and Camomile.  They don’t tend to make more subtle changes to the hair and certainly not the kind of neon results brands like Manic Panic & Directions are known for.  Camomile is normally used to bring a sun-kissed look to hair, such as lighter streaks in fair hair whereas Henna usually brings out red tones in darker hair.  We do not currently sell these type hair dyes on Beeunique.


Permanent Hair Dyes:

These type of dyes are often called ‘box dyes’ and they will permanently change the hair colour.  They usually contain chemicals to lighten the hair so can give drastic results to the hair.  Eventually the hair will need to be re-bleached, dyed over or grown out.  Some manufacturers make permanent hair dyes in neon colours like bright pink and red etc, however despite being called ‘permanent’ these do tend to fade over time and don’t tend to give the truly neon results that semi-permanent dyes can. Any product that contains chemicals such as permanent dyes and bleach can damage the hair if used incorrectly or too often.  At this time we do not sell any permanent hair dyes.


Disclaimer: The information given on this site has been from our own personal use, our customers feedback and various websites and forums. Beeunique are not trained hairdressers or professionals and as such we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of all the information in this section and tips etc should be used with caution. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another and if you are in any doubt about a procedure it is recommend you contact a hairdresser or other trained professional first.

Animal Friendly Hair Dyes

One of the most asked questions we get is “Are these animal friendly hair dyes?”
[Updated October 2020 – Adore now Vegan Friendly]

Below is the information we have regarding if these are are vegan and/or animal friendly hair dyes.  This has been provided by the supplier or manufacturer of that brand and is correct at the time it was provided.  We regularly check this information is still current.

We would advise you to always check direct with the manufacturer, on ingredients lists etc to be sure the information is up-to-date before using a product.

Our Logos Explained.
Note, these may not be the same for all websites, but is how we have categorised our list below.

Animal Friendly – If a hair dye is animal friendly it means the product has no animal products in it’s ingredients BUT it can still contain animal by-products (e.g. honey) or be tested on animals.
animal friendly hair dyes logo

Cruelty Free – If a hair dye is cruelty free it means the product has not been tested on animals BUT can contain animal products or by-products.
animal friendly hair dyes - not tested on animals

Vegan Friendly – If a hair dye is vegan friendly it means the product contains no animal ingredients or animal by-products BUT can still be tested on animals.
animal friendly hair dyes - vegan friendly

Fully animal friendly dyes should be Cruelty-Free (no testing on animals) and Vegan Friendly (no animal products or by-products).

This page will be updated as and when we receive new information regarding if these are still animal friendly hair dyes.

The current information we have is below:

 Animal FriendlyCruelty-FreeVegan Friendly
Manic Panic Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
LaRiche Directions Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Adore Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Renbow Crazy Color Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Special Effects Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Herman's Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Headshot Hair DyeAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Pravana Chromasilk Hair DyesAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
Stargazer Hair DyesAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoVegan Friendly Logo
PaintGlow Rebellious Hair DyesAnimal Friendly LogoNot Tested On Animals LogoNot 100% vegan friendly at this time

All of these hair dyes can be purchased in Beeunique’s Shop


Disclaimer: The information on these animal friendly hair dyes is based on details provided from the suppliers and/or manufacturers however we cannot guarantee it’s accuracy.  This should be considered as a guide only and you should investigate further before using any brand.

If you find anything incorrect on this page please let us know and we will amend it immediately.

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Pastel Hair Dye

Pastel Hair Dye has seen a massive increase in sales recently due to the Pastel Hair Trend. Gone are the days when a ‘blue-rinse’ or pale pink hair was reserved for older ladies, and usually caused accidentally by over-toning!


First thing to know is you must have very pale hair if you want a light colour to show up.  Using a pale lilac on medium brown hair for example is not going to give you the desired pastel result. Pastel shades are best used on hair that is naturally light or has been bleached to a pale lemon colour, think the flesh colour of a banana. The more yellow or orange tones you leave in your hair the more it will affect the final hair dye result.

Make sure you always try a strand test first! The colour of the dye in the tub or bottle is not always the shade you will achieve, it’s much better to test the dye results first.  If you find the colour is too dark, mix in some lighter shade (or a little conditioner) to lighten it up.  Alternatively, if the colour is too light, mix in a darker shade until you create the colour you are looking for. When mixing colours always add a little of the dye at a time and mix well, also make sure to mix enough of this customised colour as you will be very unlikely to create the exact same shade again – it’s always just a little off and that can be very noticeable with lighter shades.

Pastel hair shades tend to fade much faster than darker more intense colours so keep in mind that you will need to reapply dye more often than with a straight forward bright colour like neon pink or deep purple. There are ways to minimise the fade of pastel shades and these range from adding a little dye to your conditioner so you top up the dye when you wash your hair, use a sulphate-free shampoo and where possible don’t wash your hair too often. Dry shampoo can be your best friend when trying to prolong your hair dye colour.