Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover

Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover

Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover is a new product added in June 2018.

This is an easy and gently way to remove dye from your hair and bring it back to your pre-dyed blonde shade.

Pack is a 45g powder kit you can mix with your required volume of developer and leave on the hair for upto 30 minutes to remove the old dye.  Perfect for when you fancy a big change or simply want to go back to your pre-dyed colour for a while.

Instructions for use:
1. Use a non-metallic bowl to mix the full sachet of Crazy Color Back To Base with developer – you can use 5, 10 or 20 volumer depending on your needs and hair condition.
2. Section non-dyed hair as required
3. Apply the mix ONLY to the areas that have been dyed – allow to process at room temperature for upto 30 minutes, checking every 5 minutes
4. Rinse, shampoo and condition as normal.

crazy color back to base instructions

This product is on the Beeunique website now and will be in stock in a couple of days – Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover

2 thoughts on “Crazy Color Back To Base Colour Remover”

  • Sheena
    by Sheena

    Hi, I recently started getting my hair highlighted and loved the colour. Then I stupidly dyed my hair with a dark red permanent hair dye! (I get bored too easily) I hate the colour now and miss my blonde hair.. I don't want to damage my hair any further but adding various products or more bleach to it, but I'm desperate to get my hair back to how it was or try to at least! I saw your product crazy colour back to base advertised and was wondering if you can only use this on hair that's been dyed with semi permanent colours? (crazy colour etc) before I buy your product and waste money on something that isn't right for me, please can you help! Thank you :)

    • Beeunique
      by Beeunique

      At the moment Crazy Color are saying this is only for use with Crazy Color hair dyes however most manufacturers say that about their products e.g. directions shampoo is for directions hair dyes, stargazer bleach to be used before stargazer hair dye etc. Due to the way this colour remover works I would assume it should be ok for all semi-permanent hair dyes but as it is a new product we don't have a lot of feedback on it so cannot say 100% it will work on your permanent hair dye. Have you thought about a bleach bath instead? There is a guide to this on our forum:,995.0.html and a search on youtube also gives information on how to do this - it's gentler than a full bleaching.

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