Bleach Kit Directions 30 Volume [UK Only]

Hot damn this is a good bleach! It's a blue bleach, which is wonderful (blue bleach leaves you with a better shade than white or yellow bleach). I used this to do my roots, which were about 1.5" long and there was ample product for that, but you'll need a couple of boxes for more than that. Left this on for 30 minutes (it applied really well), the smell was really good for a bleach (not overwhelming), and it lifted my light brown hair to platinum. My hair was gorgeously soft and shiny, and even better, after rinsing it out, it made a HUGE dent in my SFX atomic pink!! We all know how much of a SOB that is to get rid of, and on my shorter layers, I test stranded the bleach, sure enough, it lifted Atomic Pink right out to platinum. I only wish this bad boy came in bulk!

Alexandria Sherman, 30/01/2013
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