Bleach Kit Manic Panic 30 Volume [UK Only]

I had never bleach on my hair before and was very nervous of using this product. I should't have been - the box contained everything I needed (gloves, tint brush and small mixing bowl) plus very clear step by step instructions. Before bleaching my hair was a vary dark red colour, after years of using various red box dyes. I left the bleach on for the longest recommended time and was pleased to find that it had lifed my hair to a darkish ginger colour with blonde streaks. I did not expect it to have lifted as much red out as it did so I was very impressed! I used Special Effects Devillish over it afterwards and was delighted with how bright and even the colour was. For people with long thick hair it might be better to get two boxes, as I found myself running out before I had time to properly coat the under layers if my hair. Overall though, I was very happy with this as my first time bleaching experience, and would cheerfully recommend it to anyone!

Toni Butler, 24/11/2009
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