FAQ - My Account


Why Can't I Login To My Account? 
All accounts on Beeunique are created using the email address and password you entered when you first registered the account on Beeunique. If you cannot login to your account it may be that you are entering the wrong email or password, please double check you are entering the correct information and that your caps lock is not on as some passwords can be case-sensitive. If you think you may have entered the wrong email or password when you originally created the account please Contact Us with your full name, address and date of birth and we can update the email address on the account.


Why Have I Not Received My New Password? 
If you have requested a new password through our website and not yet received it then your email provider may have blocked this email thinking it is spam or junk if this happens please Contact Us and we can reset the password at this end and resend it direct to you. After receiving a new password by email please login to your account and change this to something more memorable and secure - you can change this by logging in as normal then clicking on 'My Account' in the top left hand corner to view the password change options (underneath all orders).


Why Is My Old Address Showing Up On My Account? 
The first address you created on your account is classed as your default (or primary) one and will automatically show up as the shipping and billing address at checkout - you can then manually change this to a different address at checkout if required. All new addresses added at checkout will also be added to your account address book but the default one will remain as the original one entered. You can login to your account and then click on 'My Account' in the top left hand corner to see the options to change or remove any address on your account (this will show below the list of your orders). You can then click on 'edit' beside each of the addresses to change it or to make it the new default address. You can only delete the original default address if you have set up a new one i.e.. every account must have a default/primary address. If you have any problems you can Contact Us saying which address you want to be the default one and which, if any, you wish to remove - it is always advised to remove old addresses to ensure you don't accidentally place an order with this as the delivery address.


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