Adore Copper Brown Hair Dye

I used this mixed 1:1 with paprika, they're similar shades, it came out gorgeous! A rich auburn colour. SO shiny and just such a beautiful dark redy orange. I loved it, the fade wasn't too bad either! It just lightened up so if you like a ginger colour but not a disgusting ginger, if you know what I mean? I usually hate ginger stages but this kept the brown tones so it didn't go ORANGE.
I'm fading it completely out, so no topping it up and it went a pretty strawberry blonde. It's been about 6 weeks with force fading and washing quite frequently. The colour lasts well, it changes with every wash but not like a 'Oh man, it needs topping up' kind of way. Hasn't got the same staying power as Raging Red. I'd definitely get this again :)
Oh an the bottle lasted fr ages, I'd used it mixed in smaller ratios with other Adore colour so couldn't give a decent review on it.

Chloe Louise Bristow, 22/06/2013
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