Adore Purple Rage Hair Dye

Lovely vibrant shade of purple. I was a bit unsure of using Adore as it's not a well known brand, as there has been a shortage of SFX deep purple, i thought I'd give this a go, It's hard to find a decent shade of purple as it's either comes out too blue toned or too pink toned. This dye was perfect a nice rich cadbury colour. Comes out pretty dark at first after a few washes it gets even more purple. I highly recommend this. I'm not even going to bother going back to SFX this dye wins hands down. It lasts a while too, I've had it in my hair for just over a month and it's faded too a lovely lilac colour with shades of pink. Make sure you use this on bleached hair for it to be vibrant.

Carla Garey, 03/03/2014
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