Crazy Color Pinkissimo Hair Dye

Id never tried this brand of dye before, its not that very well known amongst the rest, and being the cheapest I thought it wouldnt be much cop! This is easily one of the best pink dyes I have ever tried! The colour is a really deep bright pink (used on bleached hair) and doesnt bleed to easily either! I dont the tips of my mohawk and fringe this colour, and it harldy bled at all! To me, the colour swatch of this brand of dye isnt a very good representation, its a much brighter pink than the example they give...... I suppose the only downside to this dye is its longtivity, I wash my hair everyday and by the end of a week it was very stays a bright pink, just not as deep a colour. If you like to change your hair colour often (like me!) then this is really is a dye that gives you great value for your money. -Dgenerate-

Emailed Review, 14/11/2008
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