Crazy Color Violette Hair Dye

The colour was really pretty to begin with, I dyed on both a chunk and some streaks in my hair, Crazy Colour seems to have a habit of washing out very quickly on streaks (for me, anyway). After about two washes the streaks turned into a lavender colour, then after two more washes back to the murky blonde I started off with. The chunk, on the other hand, remained a lovely deep purple blue for at least two weeks before steadily going paler. Before it started going back to blonde, my hair went to a nice lavender-grey which despite being grey looked really nice :) As you probably know, Crazy Colour also stains, though it's a chore, I'd suggest wearing gloves, especially if you're a nail-biter like me, the dye washes off your hands in about two/three days but will stay in your hangnails and healing skin making then horribly obvious. I also added this dye to some Stargazer baby pink which gave it a lovely sheen.

nikita patel, 26/12/2008
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