Crazy Color Aubergine Hair Dye

GOOD: Found it bright and long-lasting, much better than directions hair dye. Used it first on some bleached stripes and lasted weeks, was brilliant. Faded a little bit (really just from wineish pink to bright pink)but stayed pink for over a month anyways! After a while I decided to dye the whole lot, and still found it really bright! So pink! Didn't really last as long on unbleached hair, but guess thats to be expected. Still lasted about 3-4 weeks on unbleached Dosn't smell bad, dosn't harm hair, infact it seems to almost nourish it! Brilliant product will never use any other! :D BAD: Well I thought was gonna be a bit more purpley/wine instead was verrrrrrry pink, but I loved it anyway. Stains baths and showers for ages! Used bleach and everything to remove it finally tried toothpaste and seemed to lift the pink thankfully! Fades a little at first, and is really worrying when in the shower and it runs like pink paint everywhere, but hair still remains bright! -Kitten-

Emailed Review, 19/09/2009
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