Crazy Color Coral Red Hair Dye

I used this over a gingery-brown base, expecting it to liven up the orange tones in my hair and create a vivid ginger. After five hours, I rinsed it out and was left with bright red hair - the exact colour that the dye was in the tub! I wash my hair every other day and after a few weeks started using head & shoulders but it lasted well - after a month or so it had faded to a lovely orangey-red colour. All in all, it was a happy accident and a beautiful colour, although it bleeds terribly for the first few washes! In saying that however, I got some dye run-off on a white shirt and it came out in a 40 degree wash with no stain remover or anything :D thumbs up from me. -Helenohright-

Emailed Review, 13/08/2012
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