Crazy Color Fire Hair Dye

Used many reds over the course of a year.
Had to switch due to my old dye not clinging to my virgin hair (which I refused to bleach anymore)

This clung to it wonderfully, covered it all and was only faintly darker in my natural auburn hair to the bleached ends.
Beautiful red colour, not as deep as if have liked but this is among my favourites for a red shade.

Staying power is better then my older dye (only rinsed out with washing up liquid when I changed colour) as I was going 8 weeks between having to apply this to 'top up' the colour, strongly pigmented but not as much as capri blue (which won the purple fight after 3 washes)
Rub off was less then manic panic but it still does have a fair amount of rub off after first application.

kirsty harwood, 05/02/2016
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