Directions Lagoon Blue Hair Dye

The colour wasn't my favorite blue colour, but I didn't dislike it. And the colour is a pretty subjective matter. It's not that the colour turns out differently that expected or anything I just prefer darker blues. The colour lasts for some weeks, but after that a lot of brightness is lost, but that's great for people who just want to try out dying briefly.

A big problem is that this colour stains A LOT. I had this problem for almost as long as the colour stayed bright. After several washes I would swipe my fingers through my hair and my fingers would stain. And the pillows kept staining.

NOTE FROM BEEUNIQUE: After using a vegetable dye please ensure you rinse fully until water runs clear - after that the dye may stain until after a few more washes but should be fine after that (some dyes do stain more than others and may stain longer).

Sofie Jacobi, 19/12/2007
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