Directions Lavender Hair Dye

I used this mixed with the Lilac on my already bleach blonde hair, and after two applications was pretty even. (the underneath of my hair was slightly yellow and this dye made that go a faded pink colour. A section just under my roots where I had recently done my roots and my poor damaged ends were the best result with this shade. However, i dont see how people can say it doest fade - mine faded after one wash! (Even though i added colour to a white conditioner in the hope that it would top up whatever i washed out) Anyway, bought more of lavender and lilac, came today, and I marinated my hair (heat, cling film) and left it on as long as I could be bothered. I think this was 2-3 hours. I ave heard with some dyes, people marinate it overnight and it lasts for 6+ weeks! I am really hoping this time it doesnt fade, I have added a LOT more to my conditioner then I was able to last time. Oh and just seen the Violet shade - pretty much how the Lavender/Lilac (4:1 pot ratio) looks on my hair. Wish it was a bit more permanent. But love this shade and planning on staying it for a long time :D

Cally Wyatt, 12/09/2012
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