Directions Lavender Hair Dye

This colour came out a brilliant pinky purple - but only on the palest of bleached hair. I bleached all my hair before dying - my roots were a (natural) ash blonde and towards the tips were assorted faded colours - ending in a very faded black (more like a red brown) After bleaching the roots of my hair were WHITE and the tips that familiar rusty yellow blonde that many people with naturally black hair get when they bleach. I applied the dye to the roots of my hair working in down towards the tips. Naturally it was a disaster. I didn't have enough dye to get to the ends of my very fine shoulder length dye, and the dye wouldn't take over the yellow blonde. I ended up with beautiful purple roots and yellow mid lengths and ends. Yuck. However all of these problems are mostly my fault. Next time i would a) bleach the absolute crap out of all my hair b) buy at least three bottles!! -Phoenix-

Emailed Review, 02/09/2008
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