Directions Midnight Blue Hair Dye

A beautiful, rich midnight blue that starts off looking rather on the purple side, but washes out to a beautiful midnight, navy blue then slowly to more of an electric blue, and because i left it alone so long it eventually started going a sort of sky/turquoisey blue which is really good cos most blues go either a light muddy green or a greyish teal colour , but i used it on faded out after-midnight ( manic panic) hair which had been applied to bleached platinum white. Only bad points are that it stains your scalp and forehead for a few days ( when you wake up you can see blue on ur forehead, not nice) and its like rinsing the dye out all over again when you wash it, and the tub is pretty small, i had ot use an entire tub on my shortish hair. But overall a beautiful rich ,deep midnight blue that starts off almost purple looking, and dosen't fade badly or to a horrible washed out tealy greeny grey colour. Really recommend it! (:

Sam Green, 30/01/2009
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