Directions Apple Green Hair Dye

First ever dye I used & I'm glad I did. Applied it a day after bleaching my hair as bright as possible. Was really happy about how easy it was to apply & how I didn't had any problems with stained skin on ears or forehead. Followed the suggestions of other people and had it working in for about 4 hours, applying heat now & then with hair-dryer. The result was an amazing vibrant green that faded into a greenish yellow at the back & tips over the course of 4 weeks. Still very vibrant green on top though. Next time I'm going to use it (and I will - it's so uncomplicated) I will bleach, dye & then mix a spoonful of dye into the conditioner every time I wash my hair to see how many weeks of awesome colour I can get out of it.

Martina Schmidt, 17/06/2009
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