Directions Cerise Hair Dye

BRILLIANT! FANTASTIC! FANDABIDOZY!!! Cerise is such a wonderful colour that I just keep coming back to it time & time again ;)
I use it on pre-bleached hair, then I wrap my head in cling film topped with a beany hat, & I stay like this all day and sometimes even sleep in it (depending on how vibrant & long I want the effect to last), then I rinse it; after which I towel dry the hair then I allow my fav conditioner to soak in and do it's stuff before rinsing and styling. Cest Voila! Cest Magnifique!!! Always turns head, and lasts a few months, even when washed every other day! Colour fades from a pastel candyfloss shade to a christmas white/pink. Awesome :)

Marika Kemsley, 10/12/2011
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