Directions Dark Tulip Hair Dye

This dye is GORGEOUS. I have dark brown hair which until recently I have dyed permanent blue black, so its VERY dark. I used this dye on top of the faded dark colour, without bleaching and the result is gorgeously vibrant - a deep burgundy cherry red, more noticeable at the roots but definitely purply red throughout with lovely glints in the sunshine and under indoor lighting. I've had lots of comments on how gorgeous it looks, and how shiny it is! The loveliest thing about this dye apart from the colour is the smell, more than one person has commented that my hair smells like old fashioned sweeties - Midget Gems to be precise ;) - and when I wash it in the morning it does smell divine! The magenta pink water when shampooing brightens up my day too. I have a chin length bob, and only needed half a tub to cover my whole head - so it works out at great value for money too. I used the dye on unbleached hair, and left it on for an hour to achieve my colour, so far its been 6 washes and it is still beautiful. It fades slightly but has become a rich deep purpley colour. This is the only dye I'm going to be using from now on, I've already stocked up on 5 more tubs!

Paula Beaton, 05/11/2009
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