Directions Dark Tulip Hair Dye

My hair was a medium brown so I wasn't sure if the dye would take to it but because I had my hair cut two days before I got the dye and I didn't really want to mess it up by bleaching it. I had bought two tubs anyway, so I decided to risk it and see what happened. Each tub weighs 88ml so I was impressed that I only had to use half a tub of dye as my hair is shoulder length, which for £3.95, is really good value for money. I left it on for about half an hour and I've got the nicest hair colour that I've ever had! My hair from a distance just looks dark, but up close it has a really pretty dark pink tint to it. Under light it glows pink. :) This colour for me was perfect, and exactly what I wanted. I can't stand having natural colour hair, but due to my workplace having a strict dresscode I obviously cannot have bright colours in my hair. Fortunately, my manager was very complimentory of my hair however I would suggest to check with your workplace dresscode before purchasing.

The negatives to the dye is that it stains a hell of a lot. When I washed my hair out, the water turned bright pink and stained the bath tub, showerhead and my hands! Also, the hair dye doesn't come with gloves to dye with but luckily I had a box of latex gloves in the cupboard. When applying the dye, I would reccomend to coat the face, neck and the top of the back in vaseline as it makes it easier to wash off after dying the hair. Obviously, not all of it will be removed but I have found that toothpaste works amazingly with removing bright stains. Even once it has been died, it still manages to stain. I wake up each morning with a stained face so again, apply vaseline before going to bed. To avoid waking up with stained shoulders, wear a dark t-shirt that you don't mind staining. Everytime you wash your hair, the dye WILL run out with the water so I would suggest wearing gloves as I've found the dye is hard to get out of hands. I would also recommend wearing gloves while you style your hair too, as it seems to stain even when dry. I found that normal shampoos/conditioners can get stains out of bathtubs but will still leave a slight mark.

Chloe Akers, 01/05/2010
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