Directions Pillarbox Red Hair Dye

This dye stains more easily than the other dyes I've used so be careful with it lol. The dye is so thick and creamy it makes my hair feel so lovely and soft when applying and after drying. (sfx doesn't feel as nourishing). i dyed over faded candy apple red and for me the colour has lasted really well! It fades a pink colour. I'd say the first 4-5 washes didn't change the colour much. it's still washing out with bright pink shampoo bubbles too :D I didn't notice much of a difference when I mixed it 1:1 with conditioner and applied it to my wet hair after washing to touch it up though.... :/ that might be because it wasn't that faded in the first place lol. I used about 3/4 of a tub on my fine hair which is about 2 inches past my collar bone but I didnt use it sparingly. 4 quid is a good price for it though! I will be buying directions again but I still love my SFX :D

Chloe Bristow, 09/05/2012
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