Directions Poppy Red Hair Dye

I've been using Poppy Ped for 8 years, find it easy to apply, using tinting brush or fingers.I always use over bleached hair which gives it a drop dead vibrancy.I've been very lucky with the fade, the red usually fades down to a hot pink after about 4-5 weeks, although lately it's been fading much quicker, probably because of the length of time I've been using the same product.I moved to the South Of France 3 years ago, and although I use UV shampoos etc it did start to fade a bit quicker here than in the UK, as it was lasting 6-8 weeks there. I try to leave a minimum of 4-5 days between washes, and I always wait a minimum of a week after dying before the first wash.I don't leave it on all night, I usually wait about 45 mins before washing, but I only bleach the roots, and re-bleach the tips. I do a full re-colour ie All black, lift the black add the red, about once a year just to refresh. I've used many other brands and colours in the past, but Directions has been the easiest and the best. -Mentonmadame-

Emailed Review, 14/09/2008
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