Directions Rose Red Hair Dye

I have had my hair pink three times now (between other colours) and I have always used this one. It does stain EVERYTHING (including my boyfriend when I use him as a pillow) so I have to use latex gloves to wash my hair. I have to say, it is a very inconsistent colour in that sometimes I am irritated by people saying my hair is red (it is not, it is pink) and then others saying it is purple (it is not, it is pink, for Gods sake). I want my hair to be pink, but not neon pink and this sometimes does the trick. I say sometimes because recently I have found it to have really strong violet shades in it, which I don't like at all. I always use this on bleached hair. I like to mix it with Flamingo Pink just to make sure that it is pink, and not purple or red. All in all, it stays really well and I find I like it more when it fades. Just be sure that you're okay with everything you come across being pink before you use it, and please remember to cover your face with a litre of Vaseline before you go forth with it.
(Emailed Review from sheoncewasadoll)

Emailed Review, 10/02/2012
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