Directions Rubine Hair Dye

A very unique dye. I dyed mine over very faded semi-permanent red/purple box dye without bleaching (I have never bleached my naturally blonde hair), I would recommend a wash with anti-dandruff shampoo before hand as this does seem to help the colour stick better. It came out a wonderfully vibrant raspberryish colour which has lasted so well that it barely budged when I tried to strip it with intensive anti-dandruff shampooing, it's still sticking around now (although faded to a coppery colour) months later along with a good inch or so of root regrowth. Overall a really good dye, plus I only used one pot (with a little to spare) on my just below the shoulder length hair! Would recommend.

Zelda-Myfanwy Rose, 11/03/2014
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