Manic Panic Electric Amethyst Hair Dye

I used this on both natural medium blonde har, and bleached hair. My hair is bleached on the ends, sombre style. I applied it on both the bleached ends, and furter up on the untreaded hair. The first couple of washes this colour is ridicolously vibrant and beautiful on the bleached bits (and surprisingly vivid on the natural hair), but I found after the third and fourth wash, the very tips of my hair were pretty much white, and the rest looked very faded and matte, while it almost completely washed out on the natural hair. However, after I applied the dye for the third time (aprox 2 weeks between each time, I wash my hair every 2 days), it stuck really well, no white ends, and is currently fading evenly into a lovely purpleish blue. I would never use this dye to colour all of my hair with, as it gets dull so quickly, but I'll continue using it for my sombre.

-Liv-, 29/11/2016
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