Manic Panic Fuschia Shock Hair Dye

I used this dye over faded Directions Ebony and about three inches of my natural dark brown hair. It covered both parts exceptionally but it was very messy and coloured my skin pink for days after wards. The Directions dye had faded to a light blue-green colour so I was quite surprised when the test strand turned out to be quite a dark purple, somewhat similar to SFX Pimpin' Purple. Even more surprisingly over natural brown hair this dye looked the same shade! I would highly recommend this shade to anyone who wants plum coloured hair but doesn't want to bleach. It lasted pretty well on the bleached hair but I had to top the unbleached parts up after five washes. Also, if you are planning to have streaks of another colour be careful when using this dye. I covered some sections up with conditioner and the dye still got through.

Louise Fleming, 11/03/2009
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