Manic Panic After Midnight Hair Dye [AMPLIFIED]

First of all the things I liked. The color is really bright and beautiful. As mentioned in other comments its starts with dark blue by fading to more light, even electric blue. Unfortunately I can’t compare, because it is my first experience with blue, but it fades by my opinion too quickly, after 2 weeks green starts to show up, which I am not enjoying. I have no problems with dying my hair after 2 weeks, but this one even after 3rd wash and with almost cold water makes my bath tub so blue and hard to wash out. That is a half of problem, my hands are blue just by touching and combing hair and my dress, neck is blue even after week, I am blue all around and I am tired to clean out color from my skin twice a day. When I wash hairs the blue water colors my skin and it’s also hard to wash out. I think it’s too much even for semi permanent color. It feels like color wants to stay anywhere just not in hair. I am going to try other brands.

Jevegenija Kuznecova, 26/02/2010
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