Manic Panic After Midnight Hair Dye

I dye my naturally blonde hair black with a regular permanent box dye but right after I dye it black and rinse the black out, I put the After Midnight Blue on and leave it for around 15-30 minutes and my hair is always the most beautiful shade of blue black. This is such a gorgeous color. I get soo many compliments on it. It looks soo great on top of black hair. I would describe it as being the deepest, darkest blue, like a deep, deep sapphire. It's just beautiful. It does stain really bad, but I like to mix it with conditioner to avoid staining, and I deep condition my hair once a week, and add a little dye to keep my color bright. I'll repurchase this for a longg time. :) -Lily-

Emailed Review, 14/04/2010
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