Manic Panic After Midnight Hair Dye

I've used this dye once before (stained my mom's tub blue... she was not impressed) so I knew what to expect, but... I still feel like they should add a warning label on the 'extra stainy' dyes. It lasted well beyond what I was expecting it to, and turned a deep dark blue, fading gradually. It was still an intense, deep, bright blue when I tried bleaching it out. My roots went blonde right away, fading to green, then a lighter blue. Looks like I'll have to try bleaching one more time before I dye it again. For noobs, just a word of CAUTION: It stains. Badly. Have vim or comet for scrubbing your tub nearby, and consider shower capping your hair and washing separatelyl from showering so as not to stain your body and minimize spash marks on nearby surfaces. Also, latex or poly gloves for washing your hair avoids getting blue under your nails and all over your hands.
(Emailed Review from Aza)

Emailed Review, 10/02/2012
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