Manic Panic Enchanted Forest Hair Dye

After deciding that I wanted to dye my hair a nice, rich forest green color, I searched and found MP's Enchanted Forest. Since I had never bleached my hair before, I was a bit nervous. But, when I took the tin foil off, I was in love. The color was everything I wanted. It was the perfect forest green color. With regular washing, it faded in about a week. A few months and some touch-ups later, some how over that time, the beautiful forest green turned to a teal, with more blue than green. I was disappointed that the beautiful color had gone, but the teal was still pretty nonetheless. I loved the color at first, but the whole 'fading to a different color' thing, it just didn't work out for me.' -Meagan-

Emailed Review, 02/09/2008
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