Manic Panic Infra Red Hair Dye

I'm a first time buyer of Manic Panic hair dyes, I dye my hair red at the hairdressers but I was looking for a cheaper home dye kit. I have been disappointed with home dye kits before (red ones) as the colour hasnt been great. I didnt really want to bleach my hair as its fine and I didnt want to do too much damage to it, so finding a red dye that is bright is hard to find. I have light hair naturally so i guess this helped, But I am very impressed with this dye! Its a really bright colour and looks great I got the amplified version so I hope it will stick around, but I am 100% converted! It is messy to apply on your own (so I'd recommend asking a friend to help) and despite wearing gloves I have come away with slightly orange hands, but its well worth it!! -Cfrayn-

Emailed Review, 19/09/2009
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