Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye

SO, for my spontaneous hair dying rampage this year, i decided to go purple. Again.. Purple haze has really bright colouring, but also works on unbleached hair for a reddy/ plum colour. First i bleached chunks of my hair to a bright blonde/white/albino colour (90 minutes) and then bleached the rest of my hair for roughly 20 minutes. I added small bleached strands to blend the 2 tones together. *My sister helped me here ;). Then Left the dye in overnight in some clingfilm and a towel on my pillow. Result? fan-diddly-awesome!! :D It can only fully be explained with a picture, but i really recommend tryin' it out for some great purpley/pink hair or just highlights. And here.. Note: If you're at a really uptight school like mine, I would NOT recommend dying unless you're doing so during the holidays. my headteacher made me dye it over.. now im a woody green colour.. PURPLE AGAIN IN TWO WEEKS C: -Naomi-

Emailed Review, 09/07/2008
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