Manic Panic Rock n Roll Red Hair Dye

I washed my hair, then applied rock n roll red to my un-bleached, medium brown/auburn hair. Left it in overnight, wrapped in aluminum foil, with a plastic cap over on my head. the color showed up alot more then I thought it might,especially in the sunlight. The only reason I give it 4, is because it doesn't last long w/o using a color-sealer. I had done highlights w/this same color before, same process time and everything, and the color was gone within 4 washes. The next time I colored it, I used garnier fructis instant color shield before and after every wash (also used wal*mart brand color saving shampoo, but noticed some color rinsing out, so i don't think it had anything to do w/the color lasting longer). Color was nearly as vibrant as the day i applied it to after two & a half weeks (or about 10 washes)
(Emailed Review from Indy)

Emailed Review, 10/02/2012
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