Manic Panic Ultra Violet Hair Dye [AMPLIFIED]

An amazing colour - a deep yet bright violet that's definitely more on the blue than red side of purple. The colour positively glows, and the actual dye leaves your hair very soft and conditioned too. Also, the rinsing out went like a dream - I was expecting to have to hold my head under the water forever, as normal, but I think it took around a minute for all the residual dye to wash off! My only gripe is that it didn't colour all parts of my hair evenly - some has more of a blue than a violet look to it, and other sections didn't take properly. This might be because I dyed over a previous colour, though, and hadn't prebleached for a while. I'd definitely recommend doing that first when using this colour for a more even result. Other than that... great! -Miss P-

Emailed Review, 14/11/2008
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