Manic Panic Ultra Violet Hair Dye

Caveat Emptor with this one: gave the most STUNNING bright, incredible purple on my bleached hair, so pretty! and very unusual, almost glowing with a gorgeous and unique blue undertone, while it was first applied ro my hair.

I washed my hair: it disappeared to a weird UGLY and PALE washed out grey blue. Almost faded denim territory.

I washed it again: it was TOTALLY gone. The End.

Total ripoff. The best purple dye I've ever used is Directions Plum, which while definitely a redder undertoned purple than this, in spite of the name is still very much a "true" purple; lasts well, and costs half what this one does.

MP: Ultraviolet is SO bad it's put me off trying any other purple shade from the brand (I've had good, OK, and "meh" experiences with oranges and reds from them in the past, but this was truly SUPER disappointing and not what I expected, given in my experience purple tends to be a fairly tenacious colour family compared to say the reds of the world)

Shona M., 25/06/2021
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