Manic Panic Virgin Snow/Toner [AMPLIFIED]

My hair was a mix of blonde and brown so I bleached it first using the Manic Panic 40 Vol Bleach but unfortunately it irritated my scalp so only left it on 20 mins...suprisingly my hair went a really light blonde but had yellow tones where the brown used to be. If I'd have left it on any longer I'm sure my hair would have been white!
I bought this to tone down the yellow and it really worked! If you leave it on too long the lighter bits go slightly purple but thats to be expected. What I disliked was that after one wash the yellow tones where back =( So I've given this 3 stars but would have given it 5 if it lasted a few washes.
I'm going to try the Directions White toner next and see how well that works!

Luisa Colosimo, 17/04/2008
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