Manic Panic Virgin Snow/Toner [AMPLIFIED]

I have to say, after about 4 years of trying to find the right toner this has to be the one. iv always wanted white blonde hair, but its just never happened. first, i bleached my hair using 40% vol. left it on my roots for around 40 minutes, then took the bleach through the ends for the last 10. then applied the virgin snow toner to the roots first for around 20 minutes, then combed it through to the end for another 15 minutes. the results were amazing. finally i have the white blonde hair i always wanted! not only is this product effective, its great value for money. i used around half a tub, but that really depends on the length and thickness of your hair. i re-apply every week or so to keep the colour looking fresh. the only downside iv found with this product is that it can turn hair a purple colour in places but this goes after a wash or two. very pleased with it and i definately will be buying it again. handy tip- after you have applied the toner, cover hair in cling film and apply heat with a hair dryer for 5 minutes for added intensity.

Joanne Sylvester, 28/08/2008
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