Stargazer Pitch Black Hair Dye

This dye is actually BLUE black =(
I left it on for the max time and even put my hair in foils so it wouldn't touch the rest of my BLONDE hair but it just went a really dark blue and then when the wet hair touch the blonde that went bright blue....hehe I wouldn't have minded if it went grey which I would expect but still looks good anyway.

When washing it off the water ran blue so that was kind of a give away of how my hair was going to end up. I washed as much of the dye off as I could with a few shampoos before getting in the shower but all the water that was running off it dyed every hair on my body blue so I'm a bit of a smurf at the moment.
Overall the dye was easy to put on, difficult to wash off and doesn't reflect the colour its suppost to be so only 2 Stars.

Luisa Colosimo, 17/04/2008
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