Stargazer Pitch Black Hair Dye

I decided to dye the top layer of my hair purple (plum) and bottom layer black (pitch black) after reading up on stargazer hair dye I felt confident enough to dye my hair. I got set up and the hair dye comes in a bottle and there is no mixing required, and the hair dye can be kept for up to 2 yrs even after opening. It was very messy, like a gel and plenty of combing was needed to totally cove rmy hair but there was no smell which you can get for other hair dyes, Even though all surfaces were covered I still managed to getsome hir dye onto the carpet which has still not com up. I rinsed the black dye off my hair after leaving it 50 minutes, 10 minutes longer than max required time I noticed that the water was blue, the hair dye was a turqouise colour which I know that black is not a colour in itself but a tint of another colour.I blow dry my hair and at first the colour looks good and myhair wasblack but after a couple of days it has turned GREEN i had only washed it twice and had not gone swimming. It had gone so green that others noticed it, good job my purple hair could cover it up. I wouold not try this again and would suggest getting a hair dye with a morepopular brand and a bit more money,with this dye it has proven that you get what you pay for. -Leanne-

Emailed Review, 09/07/2008
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