Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink (UV) Hair Dye [AMPLIFIED]

This hair dye is really easy to use! Much much easier than any other hair dye I've ever used, and it isn't messy! My hair had already been bleached and I put this over it, leaving it in overnight. The colour came out so amazing! I've only washed it once so far but the colour hasn't faded at all! Manic Panic is definately the best brand to use! I put cotten candy pink at the back of my hair and atomic turquoise at the front, I put them in at the same time but was really careful not to mix them, the colour didn't bleed from either of them at all and they look great together! I choose the cotton candy pink 'cause I didn't want to get a bright one that would clash too much with red and it really is the perfect colour!

Molly Jayne, 10/03/2009
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