Special Effects Alternative Brands

Special Effects Alternative Brands

Special Effects Alternative Brands.
SFX closed in 2019 and very quickly all the remaining dyes sold out.  Any dyes you find now will be at least 4 years old so mix well and try a strand test if you buy one of these.

We still get almost weekly about hair dyes that are as vibrant and last as long as Special Effects!  Sadly there are none that truly compare to this wonderful and well-loved brand. Many people are importing brands from the USA such as Arctic Fox & Lunar Tides, Beeunique cannot stock these as the ingredients do not comply with EU rules.  This means the dyes should not be for sale or imported into the UK or Europe.

Peronally, from the brands we do sell I have found that Adore Hair Dyes have the closest colour range to Special colours.  They don’t last near as long but are a fair bit cheaper to buy so would be worth trying.  I have also found that Adore Hair Dyes are very easy to wipe off the skin with a face wipe unlike SFX that stained your skin for several days usually.

The colour from Special Effects that we are most asked about is the amazing Atomic Pink Hair Dye – this was UV reactive neon pink and lasted for months!  The longest lasting semi-permanent brand that is allowed in the UK & EU is Manic Panic and their Hot Hot Pink is a very close match to Atomic Pink colour-wise. From customer feeedback & reviews there are a few Headshot & hermans colours that are also close to this bright pink shade.

Adore Neon PinkCrazy Color PinkissimoDirections Famingo Pink
Adore Neon PinkCrazy Color PInkissimoDirections Flamingo Pink
Headshot Pink ElephantHermans Peggy PinkManic Panic Hot Hot Pink
Headshot Pink ElephantHermans Peggy PinkManic Panic Hot Hot Pink
Stargazer Shocking PinkSFX ATOMIC PINK
Stargazer Shocking PinkSpecial Effects Atomic Pink

Special Effects Alternative Brands for Atomic Pink – All Pink Swatches

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